For my work I use 4×5″ Wista field camera. I love Schneider-Kreuznach lenses for their marvellous performance, colour rendering and contrast. Preferred film is Kodak E100VS and E100GX for their colour characteristics.

In spite of digital technologies development, large format film pictures excels others in resolving capacity. High quality scan from large format film have about 100 megapixels, that you can get from any digital camera.

Another important thing is that a view camera lets you use movements (tilt, shift and swing) of film and lens planes to control areas of sharpness, correct distortion and make sharp local planes of a composition – features, those are not available in SLR cameras.

When I limited in time or other conditions I use Nikon’s 36Mp DSLR. Earlier Pentax 67 was in its place.

Using this huge gear presents some difficulties, however the results – first of all possibilities of making high-resolution prints up to A2-A0 formats and controlling the plane of focus – justifies the means. In addition, the size of image seeing on the ground glass of view camera lets you precisely choose foreshortening, perspective and take into account details, those will not be visible in a viewfinder of any SLR camera.

I always take my point-and-shot camera Canon PowerShot A630. It has handy swinging left-to-right and top-to-bottom screen. It helps to find right foreshortening and, of course, to point and shot.